Goof Off Foam and Caulk Remover

Goof Off Foam and Caulk Remover works great the very first time to remove both silicone and latex caulk products.  Goof Off removes expansion foam and much more. Great for adhesive cleanup after new construction projects or for softening caulks around your vanities, tubs, showers and sinks for extremely easy caulking removal.  The newer thickened formula will stick to vertical surfaces which helps provide extra cleaning power.   Goof Off can be applied directly to silicone caulk, there is no need to cut it first.   Featuring an easy-dispense turret top for precise, simple application, this best-of-class adhesive remover works indoors and out.

NOTE: Every surface is different.  It is recommended to always test your surface for color fastness on an inconspicuous area before you begin using.  Do not use Goof Off on silk, leather, suede or acrylic.

  • Great for cleanup after new construction
  • Sticks to vertical surfaces for extra cleaning power
  • Can be applied directly to caulk, no need to cut first
  • Has an easy-dispense turret top for precise, simple application
  • Works indoors and out

By Miles V. Gibson on January 31, 2015

Verified Purchase

Did a great job removing glue and sealant from a fiberglass inset tub after I removed a grungy sliding glass door enclosure. The product doesn’t recommend use on fiberglass, but I didn’t have any problems (although I was concerned at first). I tested it on a small spot and was so pleased I used it despite the warning and had terrific results. The bath tub looks wonderful and no more nasty sliding door!!